September 30, 2014

Messages Received from the Mercy World #21

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Dear Mary and all involved in presenting such a wonderful celebration of Mercy in Baggot Street, thank you! It was such a joy to share in the rituals ( when our internet allowed) We felt so united with our global Mercy family and so proud to be daughters of Catherine.

As we go forward into the future may we carry the light knowing we are part of a vibrant Mercy family supporting each other.

Our love and prayers

Breda Martha and Patricia
(Addo South Africa)


Mary, I simply have to add my own word of thanks to you and your marvellous team for the out and out success of this past week of anniversary celebrations. What a rich, global perspective you offered us and the expertise in your team in the "hub", you know who you are, allowed the global mercy family connect and unite together to celebrate, renew and move forward in hope, firm in the conviction that mercy is alive, active and necessary.

Blessings on you and all you have done in your role and for the manner in which you do it, I delight. Mile buiochas.
Love and thanks to all.

(Dee) Deirdre McKenna rsm



t was indeed, a great honour to be part of the Mercy Day celebration in particular.
The Media presentations were outstanding and the live streaming just a wonder!

Teresa Martin rsm


Thank you Mary for all you did to make this last week a reality. It is great to be a Sister of Mercy.
Josephine Sullivan rsm


Mary, that last paragraph [in the final enews] says it all for this week:

'May all this week has held unite us, sustain us and inspire us to go forward bravely and with confidence, knowing we are not alone but 'united by a spirit and a story'.

God bless you and all ..thanks and congratulations ..well done

Anne Corrigan rsm


Congratulations to all! This has been a wonderful and encouraging celebration!

God’s mercy is from age to age.

It is a privilege to be part of this Mercy tradition.

Mercy ever new and ever renewing!

Let us rejoice and give thanks and keep up energy for the future!

Mary Stainsby rsm


Anne, Mary, Mary Kay, congratulations to all for a wonderful celebration of the 20th anniversary! WOW it was so much more than I expected: powerful, inspiring and unifying! Thank you a hundred fold! Oh how I wish I had made arrangements to go to Ireland for this celebration!! But the many videos did bring my heart and spirit there! For all that has been, YES!!! What a joy it is to be a Sister of Mercy!
Many thanks!!!

With love and in mercy, Ann

Ann M. McGovern, RSM
Mercy by the Sea
Madison, CT















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