September 16, 2014

Messages Received from the Mercy World #5

Thank you to all who have sent messages for Mercy Day and for the 20th Anniversary Celebrations (23-29 September, 2014). We are hoping to hear from many of our Mercy family and friends over the coming weeks. Send your messages to:



The Sisters in the Brisbane Congregation send greetings and blessings for Mercy Day, 2014.
Congratulations to all involved in the preparations for, and celebrations of the 20th Anniversary of Mercy International Association. Our thoughts and prayers are with all who gather in Dublin at this time.
May the spirit of Catherine continue to inspire and challenge us in our daily living.

From the Brisbane Congregation Leadership Team
(Catherine Reuter, Patricia Kirchner, Mary Pescott, Veronica Ekerick, Mary Lawson)


We want to Congratulate you all at Mercy International and assure you of our thoughts and prayers during the wonderful celebrations about to take place. We will connect whenever we can and our internet coverage allows!!

Love and God Bless

Breda, Patricia and Martha

( Addo Mercy Mission, Eastern Cape South Africa)


Loving greetings and blessings to ALL at MIA as you celebrate your 20th Anniversary.

Colleen Maron
Sisters of Mercy, Parramatta NSW Australia


Greeting on behalf of all members of the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea! We are mindful of all who will be gathering in Dublin to celebrate this 20th Anniversary of Mercy International Association. Many of us, Sisters and those who walk with us in Mercy, will follow the celebrations and participate at a distance. This will be a very special Mercy Day. May this time of celebration renew our passion for responding to the call to God’s Mission of Mercy.

Institute Leadership Team (ISMAPNG)
(Annette Schneider, Barbara Bolster, Sally Bradley, Theresia Tina and Berneice Loch)



We in the MIA Office of Development-Fundraising add our voices to yours and say, “Happy Mercy Day!”

May this day – marked most specially during the 20th Anniversary celebration of Mercy International Centre – bring an outpouring of compassion, justice and mercy on all who live on this planet. And may Earth herself receive compassionate care. We beg God’s good Spirit, who began such good work in our founder Catherine, to continue to inspire us to respond to the needs of our time.

Mary Waskowiak rsm (Director),  Sue Elliott rsm (Associate Director),  Brittany Soracco (Admin. Assistant-Database Manager)


Dear All at MIA Baggot Street,
I have very happy memories of my time as a volunteer in Sept – Nov 1994 and again in 2000.
I pray that as we unite in the days ahead we will renew our love of Mercy and Catherine.
With affection,

Veronica Earls rsm,


Dear Mary and MIA Team,

Congratulations on this great Anniversary milestone!

You have been at the cutting edge of communications with your members and associates and shown many of us the way.
The work of MIA in show-casing wonderful initiatives in the Mercy World and in education and advocacy on so many global justice issues is inspiring for all of us. Thank you.

May the week of celebrations go well!
Peace and blessings,


Louise Cleary CSB
Congregational Leader
Brigidine Generalate
52 Beaconsfield Parade
Albert Park 3206


If the excitement in Mary's voice on the test video, which has worked well for me, is any measure of the spirit around Mercy International before the big days, then I will certainly feel very connected as I follow the celebrations from Brisbane, Australia. I will be with everyone in spirit and prayer and will re-live the two special times I was able to stay at 64A Lower Baggot Street.

Thank you to all who are working to make the live connections possible.

Mercy blessings,
Patricia Sullivan
Sisters of Mercy Brisbane Congregation


Sending many good wishes and blessings for Mercy Day this year and the 20th anniversary celebrations. Under the patronage of Our Lady of Mercy, we continue to be inspired by Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy as we strive to live mercy in our own sphere of influence. Our thoughts and prayers are with you for this special time.

All Hallows’ School



Congrats. I am on tour elsewhere with a group, but i will be in your pocket.....

Noel Keller RSM
Midatlantic Community, USA


Happy Mercy say to all members everywhere! Especially Las Hermanas de la misericordia de Chile!
Ann Kennelly rsm
Aotearoa New Zealand


A brief message to send best wishes to you and all involved with the MIA Celebrations.
I have just watched the Practice Video all went very well - I am looking forward to joining you all via video link.
Thank you so much for all you have done to make this possible and for all the wonderful work you are doing through MIA.
Many Blessings.

Liz Rothe rsm
Central A Community
Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea


Greetings from Dunedin New Zealand!

I am thinking of you very much in these final days of preparation for the gathering next week at Baggot Street. A wonderful celebration – but so much work required behind the scenes! I trust all goes well and that you can enjoy the celebration alongside all the organisation required. I have just watching the ‘demo’ tape for the celebrations linked with Mercy E-news – and it came through loud and clear. Many thanks for having access available for us.

Dr Janice McDrury
Mission Co-ordinator
Mercy Hospital Dunedin


From the City on the left coast of the United States where Mother Mary Baptist Russell spread the message of Mercy: We wish everyone a very peaceful and joyful Mercy Day!
From: Students, Faculty and Staff of Mercy, SF

Dorothy J. McCrea, Ed.D
Mercy High School
San Francisco


Wishing all who follow mercy and work in bringing Mercy to our world, a very happy celebration on this Mercy Day.

Mary I wish you and all those who will gather and remember the 20 years of Mercy International Centre where so many people have come to learn and deepen their spirit of Catherine McAuley who has given us a great example of living mercy.

Let us all rejoice in the many gifts we have received through Mercy

Love and prayers
Catherine Corbett rsm


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