February 16, 2021

MGA Looks Forward to Celebrating the Graduation of the Inaugural Group of Mercy Emerging Leaders on World Day of Social Justice

World Day of Social Justice is celebrated annually on February 20. It’s recognition calls for the promotion of sustainable development, social inclusion, the eradication of poverty, gender equality, human rights, peace, and the provision of social protection and employment for all. This year, MGA will commemorate the events alongside the final immersion of the inaugural group of the Mercy Global Action Emerging Leaders Fellowship.

The Mercy Emerging Leaders Fellowship upholds the principles of social justice, providing a transformational experience for women who are passionate about advancing Mercy and Justice. The program educates and empowers women to think critically about the root causes of global issues and to advocate for justice towards fundamental and systemic change.

On this World Day of Social Justice, MGA invites the Mercy World to celebrate the graduation of the inaugural group of Mercy Emerging Leaders. The inaugural group of fellows have conducted in-depth research on a range of social and environmental justice issues which they will present via Zoom on the days leading up to the graduation.

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