April 27, 2021

MGP 'Compassionate Heart' Resources are Now Online

We invite you to visit the MGP Microsite to access the resources for the second ‘Integrated’ theme: ‘Compassionate Heart’.

Presenters for April are: Elizabeth Davis rsm (Newfoundland, Introduction), Carmel McDonough rsm (North Sydney, Theological Imaginings), Larretta Rivera-Williams rsm (Americas, Artistic Inspiration), Stephanie Langley, Jemima Walsh & Rebecca Goodyear (Brisbane, Grassroots Ministry), Julia Morisi (Americas, Mercy Global Action), Richard Kerr-Bell (Aotearoa New Zealand, Distinct Voice), Sandra Lupi rsm (Brisbane, Reflective Prayer)

Bookings have opened for the May 25-27 MGP Gatherings.
All are welcome to attend the  gathering or gatherings that suit you best.
Click here for details and to book your place.

We are pleased to announce that as well as the May MGP Gatherings, there wil be final MGP Gatherings held in October: Region One - 5 October, Region Three - 6 October, Region Two - 7 October.

Details and booking arrangements will be published in Mercy eNews at a later date.

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