June 29, 2021

MGP 'Creating Circles & Culture of Mercy’ Resources Are Now Online

We have come to the end of the Mercy Global Presence sixteen month process with the resources for the fourth and final ‘Integrated’ theme: ‘Creating Circles & Culture of Mercy’ now available on the Mercy Global Presence microsite. During July we will be preparing the final (16th) poster and Flip Books, as well as a Report for the MIA Members and Board which will also be shared with the Mercy family.

Presenters for June are: Elizabeth Davis rsm 
(Newfoundland, Introduction), Victoria Biggs (GB Union, 
Theological Imaginings), Tara Egger (North Sydney, Artistic Inspiration), Anne Francis (The Congregation, Grassroots Ministry), Tylia Barnes (Americas, Mercy Global Action), Scholastica Nganda rsm (The Congregation, Distinct Voice), Sandra Lupi rsm (Brisbane, Reflective Prayer)

Visit the MGP Microsite here Download the MGP Posters here
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