February 09, 2021

MGP Details of the Final Segment Now Online

The fourth and final segment of the Mercy Global Presence process will be released through Mercy eNews on Wednesday, 31 March. In this fourth segment the integration of the three previous segments: ‘Global’, ‘Mercy’ and ‘Presence’ will unfold. An outline of the fourth segment is on the MGP microsite and linked to this item.

Posters for Segment Three, 'Presence'

Commencing on Wednesday, 24 February, for four weeks through Mercy eNews, we will release the collage posters for each of the Presence segment themes, together with their accompanying reflection guides, a practice we established at the conclusion of the earlier segments. Some may like to use these posters for personal reflection during Lent. Others may find these an entry point into the process or theme. Some Congregations and Institutes are working still with the richness of the Presence themes which they ‘set aside’ during our creating a living cosmic Advent wreath time.

In these various ways may we be led into our final segment on 31 March.

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