September 07, 2020

MGP Posters Displayed in an Interactive Format

Today we are publishing a set of the posters as an interactive, online publication, a flip book, that has the look and feel of a real, page-turning book. It is our hope that both the poster and conversations have been a rich resource for reflection during this pandemic time, as well as the intended ‘bridge’ to the next segment which commences on 30 September with the theme, ‘Presence of/with/to God’.

Further details about Segment Three: Presence can be found on the Mercy Global Presence (MGP) microsite.

For full screen sharing, click on the 4-corner icon on the far right of the tool bar.

English Version. Segment One: Global
Versión en español. Segmento Uno: Global
English Version. Segment Two: Mercy
Versión en español. Segmento Dos: Misericordia
Download the Posters: Various Sizes as PDFs

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