April 26, 2021

MGP Regional Gatherings, Pentecost Week, 25-27 May 2021

An invitation to share the fruits of your reflections on the first two posters of Segment Four, 'Integrated': 'Contemplative Seeing' and 'Compassionate Heart'. These gatherings will build on the timing being in Pentecost week.

All are welcome to attend the gathering or gatherings that suit you best. Please save the date/s.

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Regional Group One: Tuesday, 25 May, 2021 

Ideal time for: Australia (Sydney- 10:00am), Aotearoa New Zealand (Auckland -midday), Philippines (Manila- 8:00am), Cambodia (Phnom Penh - 7:00am)Guam (Hagåtña-10:00am), Papua New Guinea (Port Moresby - 10:00am), Samoa (Apia-1:00pm), Tonga (Nuku'alofa - midday) , Timor Leste (Dili- 9:00am),
Vietnam (Hanoi-7:00am

(Click here to find out the time in your local area if not listed above)

Regional Group Three: Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Ideal time for: Canada (St John's - 7:00pm), United States (Washington - 5:30pm), Honduras (Tegucigalpa -3:30pm), Guatemala (Guatemala City - 3:30pm), Belize (Belmopan - 3:30pm), Panama (Colón- 4:30pm), Guyana (Georgetown - 5:30pm), Perú (Lima - 4:30pm), Chile (Santiago - 5:30pm), Argentina (Buenos Aires - 6:30pm), Jamaica (Kingston - 4:30pm), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro - 6:30pm)

(Click here to find out the time in your local area if not listed above)

NOTE: There will be simultaneous English and Spanish translation at this gathering. 
             Habrá traducción simultánea al inglés y al español en esta reunión

Regional Group Two: Thursday, 27 May 2021 

Ideal time for: Ireland (Dublin-10:00am), the United Kingdom (London-10:00am), Kenya (Nairobi-midday), South Africa (Pretoria - 11am), South Sudan (Juba - 11am), Poland (Warsaw-11am), India (New Delhi - 2:30pm), Romania (Bucharest-midday), Lebanon (Beirut-12 noon)

(Click here to find out the time in your local area if not listed above)

We need everyone to register to participate in a gathering. This will enable us to build a meeting list, plan the session accounting for numbers, ensure you receive the link to the gathering room and to organise breakout rooms.

CLICK HERE to download the posters

Once you are registered your place will be reserved.

You will receive details via email about the Gathering process and how to join the Zoom video conferencing room where the gathering will take place. 

All bookings are being confirmed as received.

Note: To participate in a gathering you will need access to a computer, iPad or tablet with the ability to play sound.

Messages to: MGP Guiding Group

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