January 01, 2009

MIA Archives Committee Meeting

The final meeting of the Archives Committee took place on April 1-2. The work done by the Committee over the years was acknowledged and the committee members finished with a sense of great gratitude and pride. Further preparation was done for the Archives International Conference planned for Burlingame in November. Participants can look forward to a very worthwhile few days in Burlingame and experience the fruits of all the developments since the last International Conference in 2003. Joy was expressed at the way Archives and Heritage is integrated into the new reality for Mercy International Association. The Committee wished blessings in abundance on Sr. Mary Reynolds and the Board of Directors.

Standing: Left to Right, Ethel Bignell RSM, Marianne Cosgrave, Marion McCarthy RSM, Caitlín Conneely RSM,Lee Guirreri RSM, Patricia Bell RSM, Sitting: Cáit O'Dwyer RSM and Mary Reynolds RSM

Sr. Patricia Bell acknowledged Sr. Ethel Bignell for her work with the Committee over the years. Her wisdom, creativity, expertise and commitment were invaluable. Ethel was presented with a gift as a token of appreciation for her wonderful contribution.

Patricia Bell and Ethel Bignell

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