April 27, 2009

MIA Assistant Directors Team

Last month we reported on the MIA Board meeting in Burlingame and outlined the six Strategic Directions formulated by the Board for the implementation of the new MIA Vision. The task for Mary Reynolds, Executive Director was to develop those six directions into a Strategic Plan. This work is now nearing completion and the plan will be reviewed and revised by the Board at the upcoming May meeting, prior to presenting it to the MIA members. The second task was to develop position descriptions for the Assistant Directors. We now share with you the title and purpose of each of those positions and a proposed timeframe for recruitment and induction.

The Assistant Director Heritage and Spirituality will develop and implement programmes that promote the living, sharing and supporting of the Mercy Story. Other responsibilities will include the promotion of the heritage; the preservation of the archives and the provision of hospitality.

The Assistant Director Global Action will develop and implement a plan that enfleshes the MIA Vision of responding to issues of global poverty.

The Assistant Director Culture and Communication will take a leadership role in actively promoting global communication and will provide technological expertise in support of the living, telling and supporting of the Mercy story.

Assistant Director Administration and Finance will be responsible for the administration of the financial affairs of Mercy International Association (MIA), the administration of MIC and for ensuring that sources of funding are identified and co-ordinated to implement the vision of MIA.

It is envisaged that these functions or areas of expertise will be highly integrative.

The following is the expected timeframe for the recruitment process and induction of successful candidates:

Advertisement of positions: Early June 2009

Applications: Up to mid July

Interviews & Selection Process: August

Team Formation, Visioning & Planning: Mid October/November

Official start–up date: December 12th

We deeply appreciate the widespread interest that has been generated in the new MIA Vision and it has been very encouraging to have already received enquiries about the new Assistant Directors roles. The early June editions of eNews will update you on the May meetings and on the application procedures for the new roles.

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