February 26, 2021

MIA Board

The Directors met on 17 and 19 February, completing a full year of meetings held virtually.  It is clear that the Board will be continuing to meet virtually in May 2021, but there is some hope that face-to-face meetings might be possible in November 2021.

The agenda presented a challenging mix of administrative issues, such as finalising the audit report for the 2020 financial year, and enhancement issues, such as modification of the Heritage area.  This project, and another to improve the energy-efficiency of Mercy International Centre, were strongly supported by the Directors.  The Board considered a draft of the MIA Annual Report for 2020 and will have a finalised version ready to recommend to the Members for ratification at the AGM in May.

It was the first meeting to which Elizabeth MacNeal, newly appointed Head of Heritage and Spirituality, reported.  Elizabeth is quickly coming to grips with her many-faceted role.  Angela Reed rsm, Head of Mercy Global Action, also attended to report on her area of responsibility.  Angela factored this in to a week already busy with an immersion experience and graduation for the first cohort of fellows doing the MIA/MGA Emerging Leadership Fellowship (MELF) programme. This activity provided a stimulating accompaniment to the board meeting.  Each of the nine fellows presented a report (by zoom) of her research done as part of the programme.  These are available on the Mercy world website.

The Board has asked for a review of Mercy E-News and this will include seeking your input by way of a survey.  Your completion of the survey will be greatly appreciated.  MIA has implemented new arrangements for Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults and these were approved at the February meeting.  MIA stands with all of the Mercy Congregations, Institutes and the Federation in doing all we can to foster the welfare of Children and Vulnerable Adults and prevent abuse.

The Board normally met three times each year, but at this meeting took action to add a fourth meeting so it will meet quarterly this year and in subsequent years.  The additional meeting in August will normally be a virtual meeting. The Directors look forward to the May meetings when, in addition to holding their own meetings, they meet with the MIA Members (Leaders of the Congregations, Institute and Federation) and attend the Annual General Meeting. 

—Berneice Loch
CEO Mercy International Centre

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