May 27, 2014

MIA Leadership, Current Team and Expert Support

'Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality'. – Warren Bennis

MIA has been blessed with extraordinary Leadership from its foundation in 1992. In that time forty six Sisters have served as Members and forty Sisters, women and men have served as Board Directors. In addition, seventeen people have served on the MIC Board of Management.

We take this opportunity, on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary to thank each of them for their commitment and expertise in developing the vision and in ensuring that the vision got translated into action.

We honour them in the words of the song:
We are standing on the shoulders of the ones who came before me
We are stronger for their courage, I am wiser for their words
We are lifted by their longing for a fair and brighter future
We are grateful for their vision, for their toiling on this Earth

- Joyce Johnson Rouse
Listen to a preview of Standing on the Shoulders
Watch a performance of Standing on the Shoulders

The Current Members and Associate Members are:
Srs. Anne Campbell (ANZ), Pat McDermott (Americas), Berneice Loch (ISMAPNG), Elizabeth Davis (Newfoundland), Carmela Carbactulan (Philippines), Margaret Casey (The Congregation), Colette Cronin (GB Institute), Sheila Burke (GB Union), Dolores McGee (GB Federation), Catherine Ryan (Parramatta), Catherine Reuter (Brisbane), Loreto Conroy (North Sydney)

           L-R: Back Row: Srs. Elizabeth Davis, Carmela Carbactulan, Colette Cronin, Sheila Burke, Dolores Magee,
                   Anne Campbell,        
                   Front Row: Loreto Conroy, Berneice Loch, Margaret Casey, Pat McDermott
                   (Missing: Catherine Ryan and Catherine Reuter)

The Current Directors of the Board are:
Peter Burnett, Colette Cronin rsm, Denise Fox, Maura Hyland, Margaret Casey rsm, Pat McDermott rsm, James Peppiatt Combes, Ron Ashworth.

           L-r: Back Row: Peter Burnett  (GB), Ron Ashworth (US), James Peppiatt Combes (US)
                  Front Row: Margaret Casey rsm (IRD), Colette Cronin rsm (GB), Pat McDermott rsm (US),
                  Denise Fox rsm (ANZ)
                 (Missing: Maura Hyland (IRD)

In Issues 555 and 556 of Mercy E-news we paid tribute to the Directors and Teams that have served MIA so well since 1994.

Today's MIA Team consists of:
Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director
Sylvia Williams rsm - Assistant Director Administration & Finance
Mary Kay Dobrovolny rsm - Assistant Director Heritage and Spirituality
Denise Boyle fmdm - Assistant Director Global Action

        L-r: Srs Mary Kay Dobrovolny,  Mary Reynolds, Sylvia Williams, Denise Boyle

We acknowledge the wonderful contribution made by Mary Purcell as Assistant Director Global Action from 2011 – 2014

The Team is ably assisted by expert support in various areas:

Communications: Adele Howard rsm, Communications Consultant; Anne Walsh, Mercy E-news Editor, Web Administrator & Manager; Sara Druhan, Communications Officer

Global Action: Aine O’Connor rsm MIA UN Representative, Betty Lacey, part-time researcher, Rita Parks rsm, volunteer, Catherine Gibbons rsm, volunteer; Interns: Devin Tellatin, UN; Molly Onufer

MIC: Anne Reid, Aine Barrins, rsm, Regular Programme Presenters; Kathy Higgins rsm, Facility Manager; Marian Rankin rsm and Carita Irwin rsm, Longterm Volunteers; Danielle Hicks, Heritage Volunteer

Fundraising: Mary Waskowiak rsm, Development Director; Suzanne Elliott rsm, Associate Director; Mary Mulholland rsm, Chief Donor Cultivation Officer US, Brittany Sorraco, Database Manager; Ron Ashworth, Volunteer

Administration: Louise O’ Driscoll (Secretary); Madeline O’ Hanlon (Receptionist); Liz O’Sullivan, Housekeeper; Joseph Tomina Dabitora (Maintenance) Andy Lawless (Caretaker) Gillian McAllen (Relief Staff)
Past Employees:
Paula O'Gorman (Secretary); Aine McCormack, (Cook), Catherine Satelle, (Housekeeper), Michaela Larmor (Housekeeper), Eamon Daly (Maintenance), William Walker (Fas Worker)


       MIC Staff: Back row: L-r: Louise O’ Driscoll, Andy Lawless, Kathy Higgins rsm, Joseph Tomina Dabitora,
                         Front row: Madeline O’ Hanlon, Betty Lacey, Liz O’Sullivan, Sara Druhan

Occasional Volunteers: Carmel Byrne rsm; Joan Duddy rsm; Eleanor Kenny rsm, Marianna Ryan, Dympna Doyle rsm, Rose Fennessy rsm

In Issue 561 of Mercy E-news we paid tribute to the Volunteers who have served MIA so well since 1994.

Committees and Working Groups
The work of MIA is greatly assisted by the Finance Committee; US Fundraising Committee; GB Fundraising Committee; Youth Pilgrimage Planning Committee; Mercy Global Action Network; Theological Advisory Group; Working Groups on Eco Justice, Mining and Trafficking

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

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