May 28, 2014

MIA Memories

From 2001 - 2009 Ethel Bignell rsm (ANZ) was the MIA Administrator. In this article she shares her thoughtful and rich reflections on the Mercy questions that came to the fore in those years.

Being the MIA Administrator
One of the most exciting aspects of this role was keeping in touch with the various networks which sprang into existence to give life and vitality to the MIA dream. Once the Mercy world decided that MIA would keep alive the spirit of Catherine McAuley in ways which are creative and appropriate to the needs of our time there was an enormous burst of Mercy energy and Mercy questions to meet the needs of this new chapter in our Mercy story. Some of the questions follow:

  • How do we live into the reality of our new organisation?
  • How do we network to connect the rich and the poor for the life of the world?
  • How can our congregation leadership teams support the bold and challenging MIA vision?
  • What stories do we tell?
  • How do we promote Catherine McAuley’s life and the charism of Mercy?
  • How are we to be together?
  • How do we celebrate?


Image: L-r: At the Archivists' meeting (2009) Patricia Bell rsm (GB Institute) thanks Ethel Bignell rsm (ANZ) for her years of service.'Her wisdom, creativity, expertise and commitment were invaluable.' Read the article here

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