February 12, 2019

MIA New Vision Statement Launched Online

The Dalai Lama once said that in order to carry out a positive action, we must develop a positive vision. From its formation in 1992, Mercy International Association has ensured that it has a clear focussed vision.

As MIA was established the vision was to make Catherine’s home a place of renewal for Sisters of Mercy worldwide…a place of pilgrimage, heritage and hospitality, where the fire of the Mercy charism could be re-ignited, where Catherine could be met anew and through that encounter strength and courage would be found to return home to continue the works of mercy.

As the 21st century began, MIA saw a need once again to re-focus its vision in light of changing realities in the member congregations and in the world. The following question:   If you were to see Mercy International Centre as the well-spring of MIA, how would you re-vision MIA into the future? was discerned.  In 2006, That Vision Statement formulated in response to that question had 3 elements: God’s Mercy as the wellspring; the Sisters of Mercy use of resources in responding to issues of global poverty and the integration of MIA activities and expansion of the ministry of Mercy International Centre in the service of Mercy.

In 2016, Mercy International Association offered a worldwide reflection process for the Year of Mercy for Sisters of Mercy and Partners-in-Mercy to discern together globally a shared response to the 'cry of the Earth and the cry of the Poor' in our world today. Out of this discernment arose the concept of Mercy Global Presence expressed as follows:  In a global world, there will be a Mercy Global Presence. In a world of displacement, Mercy Global Presence will champion inclusion. In a world of degradation of the environment, Mercy Global Presence will realize its oneness in the sacred communion of all creation.

To honour this call, the 2006 Vision was reviewed by the MIA Members and Board Directors in 2018 and the following Vision Statement was adapted by the Members in November 2018 and launched by the Board as the Silver Jubilee year 2019 gets underway.

Deeply rooted in the Gospel and the legacy of Catherine McAuley, Mercy International Association seeks to gather the inspiration and energies of the Sisters of Mercy, our associates, colleagues and partners worldwide toward the creation of a Mercy Global Presence. Standing with the displaced, we will model a world of welcome and inclusion. Actively engaged in the protection of our Common Home, we will witness to the sacredness of all creation. Through the work of the Association and through the longings and efforts of the entire Mercy family, we will strive for the globalization of compassion and the recognition of God’s mercy as present and active in our world.

This vision keeps alive the Founding Spirit of Catherine among people of the World most in need of God's compassion and Mercy.

In addition to placing Mercy Global Presence at the heart of the Vision, there is an emphasis on the place of all members of the Mercy Family – Sisters, Associates, Colleagues and Partners in Mercy in creating this reality.

The Vision is presented in eight languages: English, Irish, Spanish, Maori, Samoan, Tok Pisin, Tagalog and Tongan, honouring Mercy’s presence in 6 continents of the world - Africa, Americas, Australia, Asia, Europe and Oceania.  

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