July 20, 2021

MIA Prayer Intention: A Listening Heart

As we contemplate the pain and suffering of many throughout the world during this time of global uncertainty we heed the words of poet John Fox from Finding What You Didn’t Lose.


When someone deeply listens

to you, it is like holding out a 

dented cup you’ve had since 

childhood and watching it fill

up with cold, fresh water.

When it balances on top of the

brim, you are understood.

When it overflows and 

touches your skin

You are loved.


When someone

deeply listens

to you, the room

where you stay

starts a new life and

the place where you

wrote your first poem

begins to flow in your

mind’s eye. It is as if 

gold has been discovered!


When someone deeply 

listens to you, your bare

feet are on the earth

and a beloved land that 

seemed distant is now at

home within you. 


We pray,

Listener of our Deepest Self, the ear of your heart is forever attentive to us.

We call and you respond. We turn and you embrace. We look and you gaze. 

We search and you lead. We lose and you find. We wander and you return us home.

Grant us the grace to be a reflection of your presence.

Remind us often to let go of vain ambition when it pushes us to control or impede

What you are stirring within the one whom we companion.

Thank you for the privilege of walking with those who desire to set their hearts on you. 


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