February 25, 2020

MIA Prayer Intention: Ash Wednesday

O God, you ask of us repentance and conversion of life. At the beginning of this holy season may we embrace the fullness of our life in Christ Jesus:
~ Create in us new hearts, O God.
~ In a world of violence and denial of basic human dignity, may we be lights in the darkness:
~ In a world of abundance which allows children to go hungry, may we work to banish famine and malnutrition:
~ In a world which places ambition and the quest for wealth and power above the values of family and faith, may we stand as witnesses that you are the source of all true happiness:
~ In a world where disagreements and longstanding enmities are resolved by war and civil disruption, may we be reconcilers and unifiers:
~ In a world created through your love and charged with your presence, may we teach others to see your face in all people and all creation:
~ In a world which hungers for meaning and searches for you, may we accompany those journeying to baptism and support them through our prayer and witness:

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Source: Morning & Evening Prayers of the Sisters of Mercy

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