August 24, 2021

MIA Prayer Intention: Bearing Witness

Your continued prayers are asked for the people of Afghanistan and all who suffer anxiety about the welfare of those who are displaced because of the recent upheaval in that country. In Haiti, there are many who are suffering, due to the death or injury of loved ones and so much loss and insecurity as the country suffers the impact of major earthquakes and storms.  Sadly, there are many other situations we could add here in which great suffering is being experienced.


May our hearts be moved to compassion and to making whatever merciful response is possible for us.  In Jesus, we know that God is with all who suffer and that God shares the suffering of people and all of Creation. We pray especially for all those who are making an immediate response to bring relief, that they may find strength in the difficulties they face. God-of-those-who-suffer, let them know, and let us know, your presence among us.


As we witness the devastation and upheaval in Afghanistan, in Haiti, in many parts of our world, remember we are trees…


It’s not you who should solve my problems, God,

But I yours, God of the asylum-seekers.

It’s not you who should feed the hungry,

But I who should protect your children

From the terror of the banks and armies,

It’s not you who should make room for the refugees,

But I who should receive you,

Hardly hidden God of the desolate

You dreamed me, God,

Practicing walking upright

And learning to kneel down

More beautiful than I am now,

Happier than I dare to be

Freer than our country allows.

Don’t stop dreaming me, God.

I don’t want to stop remembering

That I am your tree,

Planted by the streams

of living water.

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As published in Dorothee Soelle: Mystic and Rebel by Renate Wind (Minneapolis: Fortress, 2012), p. 1

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