September 22, 2020

MIA Prayer Intention: For Responsiveness to the Needs of Others

Stalls in the Mercy International Centre chapel

From the Universal Prayer at Mercy Day Mass, Mercy International Centre

We pray for those in leadership who have the ability to influence
our world in ways that protect those most vulnerable
- may they show Mercy in their actions.

We pray for those who seek a kind word, a gentle compassionate
look or the patient hearing of troubles
- may we show Mercy in our actions.

We pray for those who are denied education
- may our efforts result in inclusion.

We pray for those who are in need of safe shelter, warm clothes and nourishing food
- may we find ways to offer an open door and a Mercy welcome.

We pray for Earth
- may the spirit of Mercy cover Earth and bring her healing.

We pray for all who serve others through the spiritual and
corporal works of Mercy
- may our actions bring forth the fullness of life for all.

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