May 03, 2016

MIA Prayer Intention for the Coming Week. Humanitarian Needs

'We have arrived at the point of no return. At this very moment the world is witnessing the highest level of humanitarian needs since World War Two. We are experiencing a human catastrophe on a titanic scale: 125 million in dire need of assistance, over 60 million people forcibly displaced, and 218 million people affected by disasters each year for the past two decades...' (Herve Verhoosel, Spokesperson of the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS))'  Read more



MIA invites our ongoing prayers for a response— individually, nationally, regionally and globally— to humanitarian needs.




While particularly conscious of peace hopes unravelling in Syria and the deaths of at least 60 people, including children and doctors, in airstrikes in Aleppo this past week, 'now is the time to create clear, actionable goals for change to be implemented within the next three years that are grounded in our common humanity, the one value that unites us all'. (Herve Verhoosel, Spokesperson of the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS))

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

Editor: Find out more information on the forthcoming World Humanitarian Summit ( 23-24 May). Engage with the Humanitarian Challenge here

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