April 18, 2016

MIA Prayer Intention for the Coming Week: Prayer for the Earth

MIA invites us all to pray Pope Francis' prayer for the Earth on Earth Day, 22 April when more than 130 heads of state and other high-level government officials are expected in New York City for the signing ceremony of the Paris agreement adopted at COP21 last year. Read more about this historic event here

Let us also keep in our prayers the people of Ecuador and Japan and the parts of their countries that have been devastated by earthquakes.

All-powerful God, you are present in the whole universe
and in the smallest of your creatures....
Prayer for the earth

Dios omnipotente,
que estás presente en todo el universo
y en la más pequeña de tus criaturas...
Oración por nuestra Tierra

God, yu gat bikpela strong,
Na tu, yu yet stap insait long olgeta samting yu bin kamapim – bikpela samting, na liklik samting wantaim –
Yu holim olgeta samting klostu long bros bilong Yu, olsem mama I holim liklik pikinini.
Prea Bilong Helpim Graun (PDF)

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