September 17, 2015

MIA Prayer Intention for the Coming Week: Refugees and Displaced Persons - UPDATED

Torrential rain, resulting in widespread flooding and landslides in north-east Japan, has caused more than 13,000 homes to be uninhabitable, at least seven deaths, seen almost two dozen people unaccounted for, 28 injured and an estimated 3 million people have been advised to evacuate. Wildfire in northern California has resulted in one death, several people unaccounted for, destroyed numerous homes and outbuildings, burnt thousands of acres (hectares) and forced many thousands to be evacuated or to flee.Now an 8.3 magnitude earthquake off the coast Chile has triggered mass evacuations there

While mindful of all these persons forced by flood, fire and earthquake to abandon their homes this past week, we continue our special prayer focus for a shared response by governments to the European migrant crisis so that people from the Middle East and Africa fleeing war and poverty can find welcome, safety and a place to call home.

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Worth Watching: How to help refugees rebuild their world

'Today's refugee crisis is the biggest since World War II, and it's growing. When this talk was given, 50 million people had been forcefully displaced from their homes by conflict and war; now, a year later, the number is 60 million.'



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