June 03, 2015

MIA Prayer Intention for the Coming Week: World Environment Day

'We offer you our thanks, Creator God, for this wondrous planet that is our home. We are moved to awe when we are touched by the beauty, complexity, diversity, abundance and enormous scale of this world -- this one small corner of your creation.

In this week when we mark World Environment Day, we join with people from all around the world. As part of a global community, we lift up our heartfelt hopes for the health and sustainability for your Earth, and for all that dwells within it. We have read the news, O God, and we have seen the evidence of environmental problems ranging from local to global. We are deeply concerned, and we do want to find paths to healing.

Move within us, O God, in a time of silence. Call us to compassion at the state of the Earth.'

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Adapted from 'An Earth Day Prayer' by Rev. Thomas L Weitzel in the Green Faith collection of environmentally-themed prayers, p.16. Download the collection of prayers here (29 pps; PDF)

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