December 29, 2015

MIA Prayer Intention: Victims of Extreme Weather Events

We pray for the many people whose lives have been affected by extreme weather events over this Christmas period:

  • for the people of northern England and Wales whose lives have been impacted by serious flooding, the worst in decades, and whose homes, businesses and communities have been badly affected by rising water and flood. We pray also for the people of Scotland with Storm Frankdue to sweep across much of the country today and tomorrow;
  • for the people of Wye River and Separation Creek on Victoria's Surf Cost who have lost their homes and possessions and those impacted by the fire affected areas of the State which are still burning;
  • for those in parts of the South and Midwest in the US impacted by Storm Goliath, particularly for the families, friends and communities of the deceased;
  • for the victims of flash flooding in the Daly River area of north-west Queensland
  • for the thousands of people in Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina forced to evacuate their homes due to severe flooding in the wake of heavy summer rains brought on by El Nino

Messages to: Mary Reynolds rsm - Executive Director MIA

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