July 25, 2021

MIA Prayer Intention: Victims of Human Trafficking

In a July 2021 statement marking World Trafficking Day, Talitha Kum calls for #CareAgainstTrafficking...

‘On World Day Against Trafficking In Persons, we ask our networks and partners to stand together and amplify our efforts to transform the economy of trafficking into an economy of care that empowers everyone, and especially women, to foster safe and thriving communities. Today, we call on all people of good will to come together and tackle the systemic causes of human trafficking. We call on governments to commit to long-term support for survivors, including quality education, work permits, access to justice and compensation, and medical and psychosocial assistance.’

Source: Talitha Kum 

As people of Mercy let us pray, 

All-embracing God, in this moment we stand with all those who have experienced human trafficking.

In this moment, we know you bear their excruciating fear, hurt, and pain. May they feel your peace and grace wash over them.

We pray for justice to be served.

We pray for their release from the unbearable dehumanization, anguish, and humiliation they feel.

We pray for their liberation from being held captive against their will, and by your grace for Good Samaritans to restore their lives.

We pray for the healing of victims and for their loved ones.

We pray as part of a united, worldwide movement for the empowerment and ability of all churches, of all religions, international and civil society organisations, governments, national authorities, business communities, and people of good will everywhere to put an end to human trafficking.

We pray never to forget what it feels like to be in this moment; to stand in solidarity with victims of human trafficking consumed with fear and pain.

We pray that we continue to be witnesses to your love and care by helping to end this human tragedy.

Lord, we have faith that your presence, your love, and your spiritual embrace will always be with the victims of human trafficking.


Source: Adapted from Catholic Physicians throughout the World

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