September 05, 2018

MIA Prayer Intention: Water for the World

For this, the fourth year of the World Day of Prayer, ushering in the Season of Creation, Pope Francis drew our prayerful attention to water. 'Care for water sources and water basins is an urgent imperative' he said and we must 'recognize that every privatization of the natural good of water, at the expense of the human right to have access to this good, is unacceptable.' This includes seas and oceans. Let us join him in his intentions:

'Let us pray that waters may not be a sign of separation between peoples, but of encounter for the human community. Let us pray that those who risk their lives at sea in search of a better future may be kept safe. Let us ask the Lord and all those engaged in the noble service of politics that the more sensitive questions of our day, such as those linked to movements of migration, climate change and the right of everyone to enjoy primary goods, may be faced with generous and farsighted responsibility and in a spirit of cooperation, especially among those countries most able to help.'

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The complete text of the Pope's message can be read here.

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