July 30, 2018

MIA Special Prayer Intention: Impact of Extreme Temperatures and Weather Events

Unprecedented heatwaves have led to the deaths of 80 people in Japan, following the loss of 155 people there as a result of devastating floods. Meanwhile, Japan braces for a typhoon. In Laos at least 27 people are dead from floods after a dam burst. A powerful earthquake has struck a popular tourist destination in Indonesia, killing at least 14 people.Scorching temperatures and humidity have resulted in the deaths of 70 people in Canada, caused drought in Germany and Scandinavia, set record temperatures in Algeria, Morocco, and Oman, and left the UK experiencing blistering record heat. Heat has spurred wildfires that have claimed at least 80 lives in Greece, caused thousands to flee in California, forced Sweden to call for international help and Ireland to impose drought restrictions.

Let us pray for all those impacted and affected by these extreme weather temperatures and weather events, 'the face of climate change'. Let us pray for rain where it is most needed: for the extinguishing of fires, filling of dams, watering of crops, growing of feed for animals, the refreshment of Earth and of people's spirits.

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