March 07, 2002

MIA Teams' Conference

On May 12-18, 2002, the leadership teams of all 9 Mercy congregations in the Mercy International Association will come together at Baggot Street to consider "The Inculturation of Mercy in the New Millennium." With the assistance of Australian Mercy Sisters Elaine Wainwright and Veronica Lawson, each leadership team has begun to do some preparatory work.

The inculturation of mercy is also the current theme of Meeting Place, where some Sisters of Mercy have already begun to tell stories from their unique cultural context.

I would like to take this opportunity to "widen the tent" and invite further participation from our global membership through the forum site that has been developed for this process. The address for this site is

To participate in the conversation you will need to register for the forum if you have not done so previously. Details of how to register can be found at the following address:

It is my hope that these stories will become a part of the collective wisdom that will form and inform the MIA theological reflection in May.

Marie Chin RSM

Marie Chin RSM

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