December 21, 2011

MIA wish all the visitors to our website a very happy Christmas and invite you to share with us in prayer

The angel heralded a sign of hope to the world: ‘In a manger you will find an infant wrapped in swaddling clothes’. In wonder and gratitude we pray:
Astounding grace
At your coming, the heavens burst into song and the desolate lands rejoiced: help us to reverence your gift of creation and all with whom we share it
Boundless love
You chose to be one with us: As we walk with you, may we know one another as sisters and brothers.
Unseen presence
Your mother’s voice stirred joy in an unborn child: may we raise our voices to promote the rights and dignity of women and children
Healing song
Music heralded your birth: Move your church to a new song of reconciliation and forgiveness: of justice and faithfulness.
Vulnerable child,
You brought the grace of gentleness to our violent world: Encourage us in our efforts to renew our ravaged land, our war torn countries, our weary hearts.

May the peace of the new born Saviour be with us
May the joy of the angels find voice in us.
May the gift of God to us be given to all whom we serve.


Source: Morning and Evening Prayer of the Sisters of Mercy

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