June 12, 2005

MIJN Call to Action on Debt Cancellation, Fair Trade and Untied Aid

Mercy International Justice Network has joined the MAKEPOVERTYHISTORY Campaign, which is calling on the leaders of the G8 to deliver 100% debt cancellation, trade justice, and more and better aid. The G8 meet in Scotland in July.

Before the G8 do the talking, Let your fingers do the walking!

We CAN make poverty history. But we need EVERYONE to get involved. It’s time to really go to work on this. Every 3 seconds a child dies because they happen to be born poor. If we changed 3 things - trade, aid and debt - that scandal would stop. Let’s be Quick! Go Click! Click! Click!

Here’s what you can do; get 3 people to go to www.makepovertyhistory.org and click on the button which says ‘JOIN US’. Time is running out, July 8 is coming but we have the opportunity of a lifetime. One creative community has decided to incorporate this action into their Evening Prayer – what will you do?

The extent to which the G8 promises are honoured will depend on the degree to which we in Mercy together with people around the world mobilise, as we did during the Jubilee 2000 campaign, to press our political leaders to make poverty history by taking the necessary urgent action on debt cancellation, on aid and on trade.

On 8th July, if the 8 men sitting round the table at the G8 summit think enough people want them to - they can actually do it.

Mercy is to be represented at Edinburgh Rally on July 2nd. Sisters, associates, colleagues and students from the UK and Ireland are travelling to Edinburgh for the international rally on July 2nd. Watch this space!

Sheila O’Gorman rsm. European Mercy Justice Office. International White Band Day: July 1st 2005

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