June 24, 2017

Mining Working Group Thematic Areas

Mercy Global Action at the UN has been actively involved in the workings of the NGO Mining Working Group for the past five years.

The NGO Mining Working Group acts as a coalition of NGO's working in collaboration with affected local communities. With advocacy at and through the United Nations, members address unjust and unsustainable practices of environmental and human rights as it pertains to extractive industries and other environmental degradation. In addition, they promote the usage of transparent international policies, national laws that heed international standards and obligations, as well as intervention as a means of addressing such injustices and violations.

This past month, the NGO Mining Working Group enhanced its strategic plan and will continue to focus on key issues such as the human right to water and sanitation, SDG implementation and monitoring, fracking, corporate accountability, and the gendered impact of environmental issues.

Messages to: Angela Reed rsm - MGA Coordinator at the UN

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