June 06, 2017

MIRP Review Endorsement by MIA Members (Leaders) & Board: English & Spanish Versions


7 June 2017

To All who were part of MIRP:
Participants, Coordinators, Guiding Team members

What an amazing episode the Mercy International Reflection Process (MIRP) has been in our Mercy World!
We know that at least 5,000 people participated, but that figure comes only from the groups that submitted final reports. There were many others also walking the journey, sharing, listening, learning, and eventually acting together to give glimpses of an intentional Mercy Global Presence. Among them were many Sisters, partners in ministry, associates, friends, work colleagues, colleagues of other faiths, and students. You will read all this in the MIRP report and subsequent feedback...

Download the Endorsement:
ENGLISH: A4 Paper Size (PDF); US Letter Size (PDF)
SPANISH: A4 Paper Size (PDF); US Letter Size (PDF)

Messages to:
Berneice Loch rsm - President, MIA
Denise Fox rsm - Chair, Board of MIA

Image: © 2017 MIA

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