November 17, 2015

Music for the Ritual for Opening Local Doors of Mercy

In preparation for opening your local door of Mercy, we invite you to practise your singing. Here we are providing the music for the songs to be sung on these days.

I Stand at the Door and Knock: © Music by Sheila Carney rsm (Americas)
Used with permission

The song, the knocking and the question are repeated three times.

 “I stand at the door and knock. Open to me.”

What Mercy May Yet Be. © Text and Music by Cynthia Serjak rsm (Americas) September 2003
Used with permission




Additional verse written for the Jubilee Year of Mercy:

This year of Jubilee is calling us to be
A witness to God’s mercy at our time in history.
May Mercy now abound wherever we are found
With joy we claim this Mercy name, so let our thanks resound!.

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