April 17, 2012

Networking on Hydrofracking (MGA)

One of the major themes for MIA is Cosmology and Eco Justice and MIA realizes that many Sisters and Associates in different parts of the world are concerned about the abuses of the extractive industries. Over the last few weeks we have looked at concerns in USA, Australia and Ireland. Last week in e news Nora Burke from Ireland wrote about the dangers posed by fracking in Ireland especially to water supply and the environment. Nora received two responses from New Zealand indicating that they also are concerned and may take up campaigning in their country. Through our Global Action Network and our Cosmology and Eco Justice working groups we hope to support the different Congregations to co-ordinate their activities on this important issue.

See extracts from letters below

That's great, Nora and Western group RSM's. Hope we can follow up this example, as our NZ government is thinking of encouraging fracking in NZ waters in search of oil. May you succeed in your efforts.
Monica Costello rsm NZ

KIA ora Nora

You’re doing great work around raising awareness of how horrendous fracking is. My ignorance was given a jolly good shake up recently when I realized that fracking has been used in NZ for over 20 years around Taranaki way!!!! Dreadful!

On a lighter note, Mercy Ministries staff here in Ponsonby and Srs on site gathered this morning for a belated remembering and honouring the arrival of Cecilia Maher and her companions 162 years ago. We enjoyed morning tea together after a little ritual. Later today I read on Mercy Enews that St Leo’s Carlow marked 175 yrs on 10th April. I had never been aware of the significance of these ‘neighbouring’ dates before!!! I wonder how the Srs in Carlow celebrated their founding day back in 1850 as their companions in NZ were into their 2nd day of work!!!

This Saturday we are celebrating Golden Jubilees of Patrice and Agnes so it’s all go at present.
I hope this finds you well.
Teresa Anderson rsm New Zealand

Messages to Mary Purcell - Assistant Director Mercy Global Action

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