June 29, 2021

Northern Province Summer Series Launched Wonderfully by Barbara Reid o.p.

A gathering of over 80 appreciative participants from Ireland, UK, USA, Peru, Newfoundland and Australia heard biblical scholar Barbara Reid o.p. address ‘Reading the Scriptures with the Mind, Eyes, and Heart of a Woman’ on Monday, 28 June.

In the first part, Sr Barbara explored feminist liberationist biblical interpretation. In the second half she applied this methodology to the death of Jesus, highlighting the shift in theological thinking from ‘atoning for sins’ to ‘self-surrender to love and birthing new life’.

There will be two further talks in the series; Yvone Gerbara (8 July) and Miriam MacGillis (14 July).
Further details on the flyer here: A4 size; US Letter size

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