September 16, 2011

Novena prayer

Novena for the Feast of Our Lady of Mercy
(September 24)

God of mercy, lover of those who are poor, pour out your Spirit upon all creation. You sent Jesus to us that we might know the depths of your love and mercy for us. May we who have received mercy be mercy for others.

Animated by Catherine McAuley’s passion to serve your suffering people, we have committed ourselves to follow her example. For the sake of your reign, we have embraced the Mercy way of life.

As we prepare to celebrate the feast of Mary, the Mother of Mercy, we ask that you continue to give us hands to heal and soothe, and ears to hear the longing and anguish of those who cry out for your justice. Let our hearts be filled with compassion for the stranger and the outcast. May we be sisters to one another and to all your sons and daughters.

May what we profess with our lips be proclaimed in our lives. We ask this in the name of Jesus and through the intercession of Mary, our Mother of Mercy.



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