October 21, 2004

NyPaW Name Change

NyPaW Name Change

Beginning November 1st, the NyPaW Area of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas will be known as NyPPaW, to acknowledge and embrace the Philippine’s participation in our Area as a distinct community.

The name NyPaW dates back to 1990s when the leadership teams of Buffalo, Erie, Pittsburgh and Rochester regional communities in the U.S. wanted a distinct name that implied our working together. A geographic designation seemed to fit: Ny for New York; Pa for Pennsylvania and W to indicate our cities’ western location in the two states. New York / Pennsylvania West was shortened to NyPaW. At that time, the Philippine community was part of the Buffalo Regional Community, as Peru was part of Pittsburgh, and Chile was part of Rochester. Peru and Chile made other Area choices, but the Philippine community chose to remain in NyPaW as a distinct partner.

Recently, NyPaW leadership decided to expand the acronym to NyPPaW, adding a "P" for the Philippines. "The pronunciation of the short form stays the same," noted Sister Nancy Hoff. "The Area name in its long form is said New York/ Pennsylvania West, and the Philippines."

Today in the Philippine community associated with NyPPaW there are 40 sisters and 38 associates engaged in the primary ministries of education, healthcare and parish work.
"The intertwining of cultures creates a risky new beginning," Filipina Sister Rose Palacio said. "NyPPaW opens for us the gate to new life, to become who we are."

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