June 22, 2022

Opening Doors Project 2022

The May 2022 meeting of the Directors and Members provided the opportunity to explore the project, Opening Doors. The Board of MIA had affirmed in November 2021 that Strategic Planning for the next few years should be influenced by the Mercy Global Presence (MGP) programme, and the Generative Conversation (GC) held in September 2021 which built on the MGP programme. What had been heard in the Mercy International Reflection Process (MIRP) before both of those also continued to echo.  


Emerging from all three of these very different processes is the certain knowledge that the mission of Mercy in many ministries established by the Sisters, is today being led by lay women and men, individuals and groups, who look to Catherine McAuley for inspiration, but who are not in any formal relationships with MIA.  Some are actively seeking ways to participate more effectively in MIA.


In response to this search, the Board established the Opening Doors Project building on the reflection and visioning that has shaped MIA to the present. The project focuses on consulting with those who are actively seeking to be involved in the life of Mercy International and creating channels through which people of Mercy can participate more actively in the life of the Association.


Messages to Denise Fox: denisefox@mercyinternational.ie

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