December 14, 2015

Opening the Door of the Southern Administration Centre (ISMAPNG)

Editor: On the Vigil of Foundation Day, the door of the Southern Administration Centre in Alphington, Victoria was opened twice - once in the morning with Sisters and staff and some guests in attendance— at least 80 persons— and then again on Friday evening with another 30 Sisters present with some staff and guests.

'Connecting our doors of Mercy' - sign on the 'new' front door at Alphington

It was a wonderful turn out each time and participants were very appreciative of the experience. As you can see from the photograph above, this was a local door door of mercy well worth opening twice!

Faye Kelly rsm, Community Leader South C led the ritual which drew from that prepared by Sheila Carney rsm (Americas). The ritual began in the gathering room at Alphington where we sang, listened to Elizabeth Davis rsm (Newfoundland) calling us to be 'Doorkeepers of Mercy', then left in procession by the side door in order to reassemble by the front door of the building.

On the balcony above us, Adele Howard rsm (evening) preceded by Joe Konynenburg, Finance Manager, Mercy Education Ltd at the morning ritual, asked the ritual question 'Who Knocks at the door of Mercy?' All participants answered. The door was then sprinkled with holy water before Catherine Smith, Manager of the Centre opened the door to us to enter for the final words and final verses of the closing hymn 'What mercy may yet be'.

An enjoyable social gathering followed.

Messages to: Faye Kelly rsm - Community Leader South C

  • Welcomed by Faye Kelly rsm, Community Leader

  • Listening to Elizabeth Davis rsm

  • In procession to the Front Door (1)

  • In procession to the Front Door (2)

  • Procession assembling at the front door

  • Adele Howard rsm ready to ask 'Who knocks at the door of Mercy?'

  • Faye Kellly rsm knocking on the door

  • Catherine Smith opening the door

  • Entering through the door of mercy

  • Faye Kelly rsm with Catherine Smith

  • The Alphington Door



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