December 17, 2014

Our Volunteers at MIC: We Thank You!

This year we have been blessed with the following volunteers:

L-R: Anne Hetherington rsm
and Nuala O'Gorman rsm
making preparations for the
20th Anniversary celebrations

Maureen & Tom Smyth (Australia) arrived 24 January and stayed until 15 April
Carolyn Nolan rsm (Australia) arrived 21 April and stayed until 29 July
Carmel Setford rsm (Australia) arrived 21 April and stayed until 22 September
Ken Joyce (USA) arrived 27 May and stayed until 26 June
Maureen McGarrigle rsm (Americas) commenced 30 June and stayed until 29 July
Anne Hetherington rsm (Australia) arrived 30 July and stayed until 18 October
Nuala O’Gorman rsm (Ireland) arrived 8 September and stayed until 4 October
Pam Delmodes (Australia) arrived 12 October and stayed until 11 December.

Volunteers are in place for 2015 and are coming from Australia, New Zealand and United States of America.

An advertisement for volunteers for 2016 will be published in E-News in February and volunteers will be organised in the following few months.

L-R: Carita Irwin rsm (Volunteer)
and Liz O'Sullivan (staff) at the
20th Anniversary celebrations

Thank you also to our regular volunteers: Marian Rankin rsm (5 days per week), Carita Irwin rsm (4 days per week), Catherine Gibbons rsm (2 days per week), Joan Duddy rsm & Carmel Byrne rsm (1 day per week); as well as Rachel McCarthy and Molly Onufer who completed research work for Mercy Global Concern.

In addition, a number of presenters, facilitators and musicians willingly donated their expertise, knowledge, understanding and talents to present outstanding programmes - Áine Barrins rsm, Sheila Carney rsm, Avis Clendenen, Elizabeth Davis rsm, Elizabeth Dowling rsm, Helena O’Donoghue rsm, Anne Reid, Mary Trainer rsm, Clare Vaughan rsm - and all those involved in the Young Mercy Leaders Programme, the 20th Anniversary Celebrations, November 11th and 12th December celebrations.

Mercy International Centre could not offer programmes, tours, celebrations, bed & breakfast or run efficiently each day without volunteers to support the staff. Their contribution is highly valued and each person contributes in his/her own unique way.

Messages to: Sylvia Williams rsm – Assistant Director, Administration & Finance

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