July 01, 2019

Participate in Plastic-free July: Think Reusable

Editor: In her reflection on this coming Sunday’s gospel, Veronica Lawson rsm writes: ‘The present ecological crisis calls us to new ways of being neighbour. We used to speak in terms of thinking globally and acting locally. If we are to be neighbour in our times, we need to think cosmically as well as globally and to act globally as well as locally…’

Plastic pollution is all pervasive, yet it has been identified as one of the critical environmental issues of our time, piling up on land, building up in oceans, with plastic taking 400 years to decompose. It is also a social justice issue with wealthy countries exporting plastic waste to poorer countries to dispose of it.

As a result of plastic ending up in oceans, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has recently concluded that the average person is likely to be ingesting five grams of plastic every week through food and drink alone.

The Plastic-free July campaign is an opportunity to implement changes and to find sustainable alternatives to commonly used plastic products. Information about alternatives is plentiful, while knowing how to deal with hard to recycle plastic products plastic is important.

Consider what plastic habit/s you might change this month (and beyond), invited as we are in this gospel reflection ‘to reverence all of creation and the Creator of all that is’’, and think about ‘taking the pledge’.

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