July 06, 2021

Plastic Free July 2021

Australian zero waste chef Anne Marie Booneau said "We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly."

This month, we once again are challenged to go plastic free for July. In the spirit of Ms. Booneau’s words, Mercy International Association is asking our Mercy community to commit to an imperfect plastic free July. To find something you can change in your routine, to keep trying to reduce in-home plastic usage, and to challenge your community to learn more about the planet crisis.

Some of us compost and have a designated bin in our homes, others carry our reusable water bottle everywhere we go, but none of us is perfect. We all have room for growth and the capacity to learn more about how plastic, garbage, and pollution affects our planet. So where should you start? 

  1. View Mercy International Association’s Plastic Free checklist. What can you change about your daily routine?
  2. Learn more about plastic in our oceans by watching documentaries like A Plastic Ocean available here and on Netflix. How do you help our earth and ocean thrive?
  3. Join Mercy Global Action's upcoming virtual programme about climate change and water to understand more about intersectional justice issues. This event will be in preparation for COP26
  4. Share with the Mercy community what you are doing to care for our earth and invite them to join you! 

As we journey through this month working to improve our relationship with our common home, we are encouraged to know all in our Mercy community are on this journey alongside us. We are committed to our 8th work of Mercy and finding new ways to strengthen our relationship with earth.

Download Plastic Free Checklist
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