December 30, 2019

Pope Francis' Message for 53rd World Day of Peace

'Peace is a great and precious value, the object of our hope and the aspiration of the entire human family.' Pope Francis

Pope Francis’ Message for the 53rd World Day of Peace, celebrated on 1 January 2020, describes peace as a journey of hope in the face of obstacles and trials including wars, conflicts, exploitation and corruption.

'The desire for peace lies deep within the human heart, and we should not resign ourselves to seeking anything less than this, says Pope Francis.

The journey of peace the Pope tells us is a three-fold journey:

a journey of listening based on memory, solidarity and fraternity.

'Listening to one another can lead to mutual understanding and esteem, and even to seeing in an enemy the face of a brother or sister.'

- a journey of reconciliation in fraternal communion.

'Only by choosing the path of respect can we break the spiral of vengeance and set out on the journey of hope.'

- a journey of ecological conversion

'This conversion must be understood in an integral way, as a transformation of how we relate to our sisters and brothers, to other living beings, to creation in all its rich variety and to the Creator who is the origin and source of all life.'

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