February 15, 2011

Poverty and Climate Change: Voices from Government, The Grassroots, and NGOs (MGC)

This well attended workshop side event held on 14 February was organized by the Working Group on Poverty and Climate Change, NGO Subcommittee on Poverty Eradication

Among the sponsors were the Sisters of Mercy International, represented by Mercy Global Concern and Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, Society of the Sacred Heart, UNANIMA International, VIVAT

Deirdre Mullan rsm ( pictured here) was the Moderator for this event

Presenters included the following:

  • Ambassador Donatus St. Aimee, St. Lucia – “The Effect of Climate Change on Small Island States”
  • Leena Kumari, India – “The Effect of Climate Change on Vulnerable Populations”
  • Anita Wenden, WGPCC – “Poverty and Climate Change”
  • Small Group Discussion/Questions for Panelists
  • DVD: “Turtle World”
  • Conclusion

The following comments were shared:
"Climate Change has become the enemy of the people resulting in fear, frustration and poverty."

"What Nationality are you when your island home is swept away? "

Climate Change is not new but in the last 150 years humans have contributed to the destruction of life systems."

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