May 16, 2018

Poverty & Homelessness in NW Arkansas, USA

Editor:  'My passion to help those who are homeless comes from a deep call from God to reach out to those in our community who are on the margins of society. After seeing the homeless for myself, my heart was moved and out of deep prayer, I had no choice but to respond,' explains Lisa Atkins rsm, Nurse Practitioner and Mercy Community Health Liaison at Mercy Health System of Northwest Arkansas (NWA).

Lisa Atkins rsm.

Sr Lisa gave a talk last month at the 2018 Health and Human Services Summit, Coordinate NWA on the importance of housing and community inclusion in Northwest Arkansas. Her work with the support of Mercy Health System NW Arkansas and 40 community partners offers one example of advocating for those in need and underscores the importance of addressing root causes. Her examples may be local, but the situations she describes of families sheltering in low-cost motels, unable to find affordable rental, suffering food insecurity, are familiar scenes in other parts of the world.

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