September 07, 2017

Practise Your Singing for Mercy Day: Learn 'The Kind Word'

Editor: Teresa Martin rsm (The Congregation) has set  Catherine's Familiar Instruction (p138) 'There are three things the poor prize more highly than gold, tho’ they cost the donor nothing; among these are the kind word, the gentle, compassionate look and the patient hearing of their sorrows' to music.

L-r: Srs Teresa Martin, Olive McConville

'The Kind Word' will be sung during the presentation of gifts at the Mercy Day Mass at Baggot Street.

We invite you to learn the tune so you can join in the singing.

Messages to: Teresa Martin rsm

Written and Spoken introduction by Olive McConville rsm. Track by Catherine Teresa Martin is from her album 'Time for Mercy'

Image: iStock. Used under licence

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