August 12, 2014

Practise Your Singing: Rehearse for Participation in the 20th Anniversary Celebration Rituals #3

Songs for the Prayer Ritual on 25 September. Prepared by Sisters of Mercy Great Britain

Theme of the day: Celebrating Mercy Around the World

Mercy Seed. © Words and Music by Elizabeth Drouin, associate member of Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. Used with permission


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Back in Dublin’s fair city, many long years ago,
a little seed was planted and it began to grow,
and the sower’s name was Catherine,
and deep love was in her heart,
for here in this fine land,
the dream of Mercy she did start.

Well, she had a fine fortune,
but instead gave to those in need,
for mercy was her mission
and mercy was the seed.
And like a tree that grows so tall
her vision came to be,
in caring for the needs of all
with deep integrity.

Her labours they were many,
but she took them all in stride,
with her faithful devotion
she kept God by her side.
and then other women followed
and from her vision they took heed,
for they saw the gift of Mercy,
for Mercy was the seed.

Words of the Gospels
and the lessons on the pages
helped to tend that seedling
to flourish throughout the ages.
In poverty and sickness
Catherine met them face to face
within herself and all the people
that her mission did embrace.

And now the seed that Catherine sowed
has thrived throughout the years.
It grows within our works,
our courage and our fears.
Though once a seed her dream now stands
as a solid tree.
Its branches are the symbol
that we are all a family.

And though the mighty winds will pass
our tree can never fall,
for we all are rooted deeply
in the echo of Catherine’s call.
So remember from that seedling
you’re a branch on this great tree.
And our spirit, it has blossomed
into global unity.

Conclusion. Circle of Mercy. © Words and Music by Jeannette Goglia rsm (Americas). Used with permission.

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In Mercy, we touch the hearts of those
who are in misery,
In Mercy, we’re touched by them
and feel their strength and courage,
In Mercy, we heal the pain of those who are in sorrow,
In Mercy, we’re healed by them and see the face of hope.

For the circle of Mercy is timeless,
it is Spirit of Life itself,
which roots us in faith
and lifts us in hope,
and holds us in God’s loving care,
and holds us in God’s loving care.
In Mercy, we welcome those
the world has left rejected,
In Mercy, we’re drawn within
the loving heart of God,
In Mercy, we forgive the incompleteness in another,
In Mercy, our sins are healed and we are whole again.


In Mercy, the Spirit-Faith will root us
in God’s presence,
In Mercy, the Spirit-Hope will lift us out of doubt,
In Mercy, the love of God will be our joy in living,
In Mercy, we join with one another on our journey.




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