August 12, 2014

Practise Your Singing: Rehearse for Participation in the 20th Anniversary Celebration Rituals #4

Songs for the Prayer Rituals on 26 September. Prepared by Sisters of Mercy in Australia and Papua New Guinea (morning) and Sisters of Mercy Newfoundland (afternoon)

Themes of the day: Sustainable Development & Opposing Human Trafficking (focus areas of MIA Global Action)

Morning: Opposing Human Trafficking. Prepared by Sisters of Mercy in Australia and Papua New Guinea

Anthem: Women of Mercy. © Words and Music Monica Brown (Australia). Composed for North Sydney Congregation 2004. Used with permission.

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Women of Mercy, Women of Hope
Women united in merciful love
Standing together
One with the poor
Revealing to our world
God’s transforming love

Recessional. Send Down the Fire by Marty Haugen, Copyright © 1989, GIA Publications, Inc., All rights reserved. Used by permission.


Refrain: Send down the fire of your justice, Send down the rains of your love; Come, send down the Spirit, breathe life in your people,
And we shall be people of God.

Call us to be your compassion, Teach us the song of your love; Give us hearts that sing,
Give us deeds that ring,
Make us ring with the song of your love. Refrain.

Call us to learn of your mercy, Teach us the way of your peace; Give us hearts that feel,
Give us hands that heal,
Make us walk in the way of your peace. Refrain.

Call us to answer oppression, Teach us the fire of your truth; Give us righteous souls,
‘Til your justice rolls,
Make us burn with the fire of your truth. Refrain.

Call us to witness your Kingdom, Give us the presence of Christ; May your holy light
Keep us shining bright,
Eve shine with the presence of Christ. Refrain.


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