November 12, 2009

Pray Well and Never Grow Weary

Praying in Catherine's Places and Spaces  November 9-12 2009

L to R: Sisters Dolores Brophy, Marie O'Dea, Caitlín Conneely (Facilitator) Maura Crowe, Beatrice Ruddy, Assumpa Wallace, Magdalen Greene, Elma Coakley, Mrs. Pat Clarke

Catherine Experience 21-23 October 2009

L to R  Marie Therese O'Sullivan RSM, Delia Abaza, Sian Phillips, Val Colella, Carol Perry, Marilyn Mann, Anne Reid and Lee Guirreri RSM (Facilitators) Maresia Horrell, Lorraine Hay,  Mercy Buckley RSM, Dona Kalubowila

Praying with Catherine 21-22 September 2009

Provincial Leadership Team - Western Province

L to R: Sisters Elizabeth Manning, Angela Forde, Margaret Farrell, Mary Walsh, Martina Barrett, Caitlín Conneely (Facilitator), Ms. Anne Reid (Facilitator)

 Catherine Experience 15-17 September 2009

Sitting L to R: Carmel Edwards, Carol Bardaro, Dorothy O'Brien RSM, Eileen McLoughlin, Mary Fogarty; Standing L to R: Mary McEnearney RSM (Facilitator), Andrea Brown, Alice Waterworth, Helena Ross, Margaret Knott, Lee Guirreri RSM (Facilitator), Joyce Williams

Come Home to Catherine  7-11 September 2009

Sitting L to R: Sisters Angela Carroll, Olive Toirmey, Anne Ryan, Frances Caldwell, Eileen Reardon, Maureen Howley; Standing L to R: Sisters Colette Baldwin (Facilitator), Imelda Gain, Carmel McCormick, Aileen Moloney, Mary Lewis, Caitlín Conneely (Facilitator), Juanita O'Sullivan

Come Home to Catherine  16-22 August 2009

Sitting L to R: Sisters Sheila McKenna, Sheila Geraghty, Rose Weidenbenner, Dr. Shiela Kielly, Mary Aiden Rafferty; Standing L to R: Sisters Jane Hotstream, Noreen Corcoran, Anita McKenna, Colette Baldwin (Facilitator), Caitlín Conneely (Facilitator), Consuella Newman, Louise Cullen, Assunta Boyle 

Come Home to Catherine  4-10 August 2009

L to R: Sisters Brenda Peddigrew, Betty Downey, Loretta Dower, Martha Hegarty, Áine Barrins (Facilitator), Susan Wieczynski

Walking and Praying with Catherine Extended 27-30 July 2009

Sitting L to R: Sisters Caitlín Conneely (Facilitator), Geraldine Sweeney, Mary McEnearney (Facilitator); Standing L to R: Sisters Penny Roaker, Margueritta McCarthy, Nora Anne Lombard, Bernadette Roach, Chris Bendin

Come Home to Catherine - 19-25 July 2009

L to R: Ms. Anne Reid (Facilitator)Sisters Audette Mansour, Maria Goretti Howley,Cecilia Cadogan, Colette Baldwin (Faciliator) Anna Mai Middleton, Mary Harnett, Deirdre Byrne, Winifred Divilly, Eileen Enright Ms. Margery Jackman, Aidan Kivlehan   


My Dear Sisters...Your ever affectionate, M.C. McAuley  5-11 July 2009

Standing: L to R: Sisters Delores Brophy, Dympna Reardon, Mr. Duncan Arendse, Nuala O'Gorman, Margarita Cunningham; Sitting: Sisters Helen Roberts, Angela Moroney, Fr. Bernard Eager, Áine Barrins (Facilitator)


 Woman of Mercy - 21-27 June 2009

Sitting L to R: Sisters Roisin Kelly, St. Pius Lennon, Bernadette Mary Reece, Noreen O'Rourke, Mary Vianney McVeigh, Ita Mercedes Walsh, Winifred Graham; Standing: Sisters Eileen Burns, Mary Anne Stafford, Chris Bendin, Marion McCarthy, Mr. Duncan Arendse, Betty Busuttin, Brenda Dolphin (Facilitator), Geraldine Sweeney, Lila Galvin  

Come Home to Catherine - 24-31 May 2009

Standing L to R:  Sisters Elise Bier, Lila Galvin, Mary Clare McNamara, Bernadette Mary Reece, Kate Mannes, Betty Busuttin, Barbara McKenna, Ms. Anne Reid (facilitator); Sitting L to R: Sisters Mary-Ellen McGuinness, Catherine Marie McNeill, Caitlín Conneely, St. Pius Lennon, Claire Ignatius.

Walking and Praying Extended - 16-19 February 2009

Standing L to R: Daria Bisulca RSM, Lee Guirreri RSM (Facilitator), Ruth Hollen RSM, Mary Eleanor Thornton RSM, Ms. Mary Conway, Ms. Margaret Clancy, Ms. Karen Misorek, Marie Chabanel Erzal RSM; Sitting L to R: Ms. Mireyda Reyes, Marie Noel Keller RSM, Helen Anne Ebbitt RSM, Ms. Susan Jerome, Ms. Anne Reid (Facilitator). 


Sisters and Carers from the Union of the Sisters of Mercy of the Union of England, Scotland and Wales  11-13 February, 2009

Standing: L to R: Jamie Reid, Maria Doherty RSM, Colette Baldwin RSM (Facilitator), Paddy Toner, Carole Ababaster; Sitting: L to R: Kelly Percy, Alphonsus Milward RSM, Angela Rowley RSM, Helena Piggot RSM, Sally Goodchild

Walking and Praying with Catherine Extended

10 December - 13 December 2008

Standing L to R: Sisters Dominica Camilleri,Maryanne Cahill, Anne Hannon, Caitlín Conneely (Facilitator), Mary Cleary,Mary McEnearney (Facilitator); Sitting L to R: Sisters Kathy Kettle, Colette McCabe 

Praying in Catherine's Places and Spaces - Nov. 9th to Nov. 12th 

Sitting: Sisters Gertrude Murphy, Rosemary O'Sullivan, Maura Gallagher, Ms. Ruth McNicholson; Standing: Anne Reid (Facilitator), Sisters Eileen McSweeney, Annunciata Caffrey, Marian Hagan, Lucille Bonvouloir (Facilitator), Carmel Byrne, Rose O'Brien

UK Care-ers Programme - October 21st - October 23rd

Sitting: Barbara Creenan, RSM, Vera Gosling, Chrissie Lynch, Lynda Blanchin, Alberta O'Doherty, RSM, Angela Gallagher, RSM Standing: Lucille Bonvouloir, RSM (Facilitator), Beata Gal, Ian Foster, Susan Foster, Colette Baldwin, RSM (Facilitator), Helen McCann, Alison Penmen, Kati Bondar


Walking and Praying with Catherine Extended - September 29th - October 2nd

Standing: Sisters Teresa Sheerin, Leona Donahue, Caitlín Conneely (Facilitator), Mary Hennelly, Mary McEnearney (Facilitator) Sitting: Sisters Claire Walsh, Damian Conroy, Loreto Slattery, Angela Hoare


Walking and Praying with Catherine -
September 26th - 28th

Left Side: Judith Ann Seery, Ann Crowley, RSM, Colette Magee, Colette Baldwin, RSM (Facilitator) David Adams-Jones; Right Side: Mary Jones, Patricia Webb, Marie Ryan, RSM, Lee Guirreri, RSM (Facilitator).

Come Home to Catherine-September  8th to 14th

Sitting: Sisters Julie Rees, Moira Coaldrake, Lucille Bonvouloir (Facilitator), Joan Gosse; Standing: Sisters Kate Walsh, Rose Marie Glennen, Patricia Lake, Yvonne Wynn, Caitlín Conneely (Facilitator), Judith Murphy, Patricia Adams.

Come Home to Catherine - August 24th to 30th

>Sitting: Sisters Leonie O'Neill, Helen Owens, Bernadette Bell, Joan Kinney Standing: Sisters Maureen Harrison, Ms. Anne Reid (Facilitator),  Valda Finlay, Agnes Murphy, Lucille Bonvouloir (Facilitator), Joan McCabe.  Missing from Photo Sister Anne Frost

My Dear Sister... August 14th to August 20th

Sitting: Sisters Marcella O'Brien, Joan McCabe, Rita Duignan, Áine Barrins (Facilitator), Anne O'Brien; Standing: Sisters Ita Walsh, Patricia Harrington, Mrs. Eileen Malone, Denise Hinton, Mary Cashman, Bernadette Bell

Multicultural Experience - August 1st to August 10th

Sitting: Sisters Suzanne Ryder (Translator/Ireland), Duyen Nguyen (Vietnam/Australia), Marie Gerard Ligan (Philippines/Institute), Philomena Waira (Papua New Guinea), Catherine O'Hare (Ireland); Standing: Sisters Helen Libo-on (Philippines/NYPPAW), Áine Barrins (Facilitator/Ireland), Norma Beatriz Fernandez (Argentina), Rosemary Wanyoike (Kenya), Caitlín Conneely (Facilitator/Ireland), Sandy Prucha (Facilitator/South Central Americas), Fa'ao Kautai (Tonga), Imelda Sullivan (Argentina), Francisca Margate (Philippines/NYPPAW), Lucy Marie O. Parena (Philippines/Institute)


Come Home to Catherine - July 20th to July 26th

 Sitting: Sisters Virginia Daly, Miriam Therese Callnan, Madeleva Comiskey, Paulita Van Cleave; Standing: Margaret Daly, Michon Rozmajzl, Caitlín Conneely (Facilitator), Claudette Schiratti, Patricia March (Facilitator) 

Walking and Praying with Catherine Extended - July 15th to 18th

Left to Right: Sisters Barbara Tacon, Bridie Carty, Colette Baldwin (Facilitator) Ms. Annie Elfers, Mrs. Lynn Elfers, Sr. Mary McEnearney (Facilitator)

Come Home to Catherine, July 8th to July 13th

Sitting: Sisters Delores Ann Stein, Gertrude Bennett, Eileen Flynn and facilitator Anne Reid; Standing: Sisters Joan Wilson, Catherine Ryan, Denise Hinton, Katherine Ann Rappl, Miriam Nugent, facilitator Sr. Patricia March, Jiliyan Dingle.  

Come Home to Catherine, June 29th to July 5th

Sitting: Sisters Toni Schmidt, Pat Otillio, Georgia Greene, Eithne Lowther; Standing: Sisters Claudine Picard, facilitator Colette Baldwin, Rosemary Laliberte, Mary Harvey, Ann Quigley, Madeline Rita, Ms. Kathleen Winters, Marta McDonnell, facilitator Lucille Bonvouloir

Come Home to Catherine, May 4th to May 10th

From left to right:  Sisters Patricia Pak Poy, Celestine Muli, Ms. Patricia Ladley, Lucy Gachuki, Phyllis Moynahan, Marise Casey, Colette Baldwin and Áine Barrins (facilitators) Maura Walsh, Mary Ellen Twist

Come Home to Catherine,  April 20th to April 26th

Sitting: Sisters Lucy Loughnane, Lucille Bonvouloir, Kathleen Barker, Anne Reid (facilitator); Standing: Sisters Caitlín Conneely (facilitator), Betty Calfapietra, Patricia Whitten, Rosemary McMurray, Maíre Cleary, Kathleen O'Connell

On February 25, 2008, Sr. Noel Keller brought a group of 14 sisters and associates to Mercy International Centre.  They experienced a Walking and Praying Extended and returned home to the Mid-Atlantic, West-Midwest and Northeast Communities enriched by the Spirit of Catherine.  Their comments on their experience of the programme and the added dimension of being in Catherine’s house gives an indication of how much this meant to them: “Catherine became a real person.  You could reach out and touch her, inhale her.”  “Sisters and Associates were enlivened by Catherine’s story.” “I will draw from the richness of this experience for a long time to come.”  “This week I felt that Catherine was passing by.”

Walking and Praying Extended consisted of six Mercy sisters, two from Australia (Gunnedah and Adelaide), four from the USA (Mid-Atlantic Community), and one layman, a teacher from a Mercy School in the Warnambool area in South Western Victoria in Australia. Pictured in the first row center is Anne Reid, Team Member and facilitator for this programme.

In their evaluations participants of these programmes speak of the specialness of their experience of the Spirit of Catherine McAuley in the places and spaces where she lived and worked.

In February, the first programme of 2008, which was for Carers, was a mix of sisters and lay women from Mercy Care Institutions across England, Scotland and Wales.  Pictured with the Carers are the two facilitators for the programme, Team Members Colette Baldwin RSM and Mary McEnearney RSM (top left).



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