March 01, 2021

Prayer for St Patrick's Day

St Patrick window in the Baggot Street Chapel

Mercy International Association invites you to join us in celebration of our Irish heritage this St. Patrick’s Day. A prayer service celebrating the leadership of St. Patrick and the service of Catherine McAuley has been developed for all in our Mercy community to feel more connected to our foundation in Ireland. 

St. Patrick first came to Ireland at the age of sixteen, transported from Britain to work as a slave minding sheep. Six years later he escaped, returning to his family and later visiting France where he became a Christian. He felt called by God to return to Ireland as a missionary, spreading God’s word and baptizing thousands of people. He later served as a Bishop in Ireland and is now one of Ireland's patron saints. 

As we gather for this feast of St. Patrick, we are reminded of our own Irish roots in Catherine’s founding of the Sisters of Mercy here in Dublin. In celebration, MIA invites all those in our Mercy community to reflect on the leadership of St. Patrick in spreading God’s word, and the service of Catherine McAuley in helping those on the margins of our society beginning here in Ireland. 

May this feast day bring you many Irish blessings!

Download the Prayer (A4) Download the prayer (US Letter)

Messages to: Elizabeth MacNeal - Head of Heritage & Spirituality

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