September 21, 2018

Prayer for the Launch of our new Mercy International Association Website

Led by Sr Margaret Casey rsm, Congregation Leader (The Congregation), MIA Board Director.


Gracious God,

We give you thanks for our new Mercy International Association website which we launch today,

a living archive of our shared Mercy story over the past twenty years

and of our shared Mercy inheritance.


May this site be for all members of our Mercy family

a meeting place – increasing our awareness of our global interdependence,

a place of prayer – strengthening us to work for justice,

a rich resource – helping us to address the needs of today as we hear ‘the cry of Earth and the cry of the Poor’.


May all those who first search our site to encounter Mercy

– the researcher, the faith seeker, the job hunter, the official, the media …

experience within its pages:


  • Hospitality
  • Witness
  • Nourishment
  • Inspiration
  • Challenge and
  • Commitment.


We make this prayer through Christ our Lord on this 191st Mercy Day.


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